Brand Identity FAQ : Seven things you may want to know before investing in branding

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, I normally ask for a 50% deposit. The deposit acts as a way to ‘reserve’ your slot in my schedule, and so a project can only be confirmed in my diary once the deposit is received.

Do you accept instalments?
Yes, normally a project is split into two payments – a 50% deposit, and 50% paid at the end of the project, both with 7-day payment terms as standard. However, I understand that this can still be a big investment and so I’m happy to arrange an alternative payment plan.

What if I don’t like any of the design concepts?
Don’t worry – I embark on a thorough research and mood board development stage with new brand clients. This ensures I get a good idea of my clients taste, target audience and any design ideas they may already have. Plus, up to three rounds of amendments are included no matter how in-depth they may need to be.

Can you just design a logo?
Occasionally, you just need a logo to get your business off the ground quickly. Get in touch to request a logo design instead of a Brand Package.

Can I request a bespoke Brand Package?
Yes, if you’d like something a little different than the Brand Packages on offer I am happy to swap things around or provide a bespoke quote, just get in touch.

What is the Brand Guidelines PDF and why do I need it?
Think of it as an 8-11 page instruction manual. Brand Guidelines are a comprehensive guide on what your logos, colour palette, fonts and brand assets are and how they should be used. The Brand Guidelines should be used by anyone who is developing visual assets for the brand – business owners, designers, marketing professionals, social media managers, web designers – and are essential to ensure a brand is represented professionally and consistently.

Why do you use Wix for your websites?
In my opinion, Wix is the most user-friendly platform available to build a fantastic looking, functional website. Wix is a simple ‘drag and drop’ web design platform that allows for huge creative freedom. Wix websites can be SEO optimised, mobile optimised and Google search verified and can incorporate a variety of features such as booking forms, blogs and e-commerce.

View my Brand Packages here.

View my portfolio to see more of my branding work.

Get in touch if you’re ready to work together on your brand.

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