5 Reasons You Should Invest in Professional Branding for Your Small Business

We’ve all been there – you stumble across a fantastic product or small business offering but it’s branding doesn’t give you a great first impression – perhaps the colours don’t look nice, their social media posts are all over the place, or the brand just doesn’t ‘speak’ to you as a potential customer. You feel hesitant, unsure that this business is the real deal, and you’re just not getting “this business is THE ONE” vibes. You decide you probably don’t want to purchase from this business after all. The amazing small business has lost a potential customer. And this will be happening time and time again, quietly in the background. All because of a bad brand identity.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in professional branding for your small business and why you can’t afford not to:

1. Give the right first impression

This is my NUMBER ONE rule of brand identity. It takes one-tenth of a second for the human brain to form an opinion, and so your brand identity works to ensure that opinion is a good one. You simply CANNOT afford to get this wrong. Of course, a lot of research goes into deciphering what the ‘right’ first impression should be for a particular business, so let’s keep it super simple with this example: If you sell plastic-free shampoo bars you want the first impression to be that your brand is kind to the environment.

2. Represent your brand values

Your businesses story has never been more important, especially for small businesses getting their name out there. You want potential clients and customers to know what your product or services stand for and your brand can communicate this visually. Generally, your potential clients or customers share these same values which will only strengthen a customer’s opinion of and attraction to your business. An obviously family-run business will appeal to family-oriented people, for example.

3. A brand is more than just a logo

A logo is not a brand on its own. It should be supported by a full logo suite, at least two brand fonts, a brand colour palette, an on-brand tone of voice and supporting graphics, to name a few. These all work together to ensure the overall brand identity works hard to get results and, ultimately, make sales and generate income. My Brand Packages cover all of these essential ingredients to a professional brand identity.

View my set-price Brand Packages and what they include here.

4. Your brand must look good

There, I said it! An attractive brand catches the eye, gives a positive impression, and will be remembered for positive reasons. This doesn’t necessarily mean that EVERYONE must love your brand – the most important thing is that your TARGET AUDIENCE love your brand. Let’s say you own a business selling beard accessories. You shouldn’t worry too much if married-with-two-kids Wendy doesn’t love your brand identity, but you DO want Brett the bearded hipster to like it. Brett is your target audience, after all.

Take a look at my branding portfolio here.

5. Stand out against competitors

Your business is unique and so your brand identity must stand out. You don’t want your brand identity to look similar to any of your competitor’s, or any other recognisable business for that matter, even if your values or offerings are similar. A good brand identity will not be confused with another business.

I hope any business owners reading this feel a little more informed on the values of a professional brand identity, and how it can help any business thrive, but if you have any further brand-related questions just pop them in the comments.

Head to laurahodgkinson.com/branding, read my Branding FAQ’s or get in touch!

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