Top 5 Tips for Working From Home

The idea of working from home is a very real prospect for many of us right now, and so I thought I’d share my top five tips to make working from home a productive and enjoyable experience.

1. Get Dressed
Staying in your PJ’s all day might feel liberating for a day or two, but after the novelty wears off you’ll start to feel differently about it, I promise! So, get dressed by 9am, even if it’s just your comfy joggers and a sweatshirt. It really will make a difference to your mood, energy levels and productivity.

2. Focus
It’s hard to keep your attention on work when Netflix is calling! My advice is to prepare one or two working spaces in quiet areas of your home, and only work in these areas. This creates a clear boundary between work areas and rest areas in your home. When you need a break, leave your work area before coming ‘back to work’. This was one of the best things I did to keep healthy boundaries!

3. Take Proper Breaks
Give yourself a lunch break time and try to stick to it. Just because you’re not at work doesn’t mean you don’t need proper breaks, especially after working in front of a laptop screen for hours. If you’re able to get some fresh air during your lunch break, try taking a walk around the block. Get up and make yourself a cup of tea/coffee/juice whenever you need to, too!

4. Talk to People
Don’t isolate yourself totally from colleagues, friends and family. If possible, call your colleagues rather than relying on email, or arrange Skype meetings when face-to-face meetings aren’t an option. When you take a break, go to have a chat with anyone else who is home with you or even just go and talk to your pet. They’re probably loving having someone at home during the day!

5. Chill Out
A healthy balance of discipline and being easy on yourself will make your working from home experience a good one (no-one wants to be a workaholic!). Want to make a snack? No worries. Need to use your mobile? Go for it. Catch yourself daydreaming? Don’t worry, go and make a coffee! That’s the beauty of working from home, after all.

2 responses to “Top 5 Tips for Working From Home”

  1. Worked from home for many years and learned some of your points the hard way!! Do think I’d disagree with anything there. Nice blog! 🙂


    1. Thanks Carl! Struggling to follow my own advice sometimes if I’m honest ha ha!


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