Laura Hodgkinson Creative – Behind the Creation of my Brand

Laura Hodgkinson Creative – Behind the Creation of my Brand

Born from my love for good design and an outdoor lifestyle, my small design business was established in 2019. After years of doing fairly regular freelance design work around my full-time graphic design job, this felt like the next natural move in my career path.

One of the things I had to work on pretty quickly was a brand for myself; who’s going to work with a graphic designer that hasn’t even got their own logo, after all? One thing I knew was that my brand needed to have a hand-drawn element to it, and to not feel overly processed, informal or bland in any way. I wanted it to feel natural and playful, yet trusting and professional.

I went about this in the same way I would for a client’s branding project; I collected ideas, created a Pinterest board, and started to form a visual feel for my brand before I even put pen to paper. I knew exactly the brand I wanted to create by this stage and so I moved to creating sketches, playing with brush strokes, and experimenting with ideas on paper.

I soon stumbled across the idea I wanted to work with – a simple LH (my initials) scrawled in black paint. I liked the flow and the raw feel it had. I scanned it into my computer, edited it a little using Adobe Illustrator, and then worked towards turning my simple painted initials into the perfect logo design for my business.

The next thing to work on was a brand colour scheme to compliment my new logo. I settled on natural hues of beige, purple/grey and pale green, with a bright salmon-pink as the central focus colour – simply because it’s my favourite, and people have favourite colours for a reason – it reflects their personality, and this is a one-woman brand after all! My colour scheme says all the right things – honest, natural, a little bit contemporary but still with a burst of personality.

This may sound a little off-track, but bear with me. In the summertime there is nothing better than watching sunlight shine trough the leaves of trees, in my opinion. This is one of the beautiful things I find in nature that has found it’s way to inspiring the finishing touch to my brand – a simple shadow of a birch branch. It sounds odd, but it works at bringing the natural world into my branding. You can see it’s subtle outline in the square images below.

I can confidently use my brand across all of my marketing materials, website and social media, knowing that it’s doing what a good brand should do; make a positive and memorable first impression for all the right reasons.

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